Solar Battery Storage

The cost of solar batteries and battery storage in Perth has reduced significantly over the last few years, with this trend looking to continue into the future. During the day, any excess electricity your solar panels generate is either sold back to the grid (at a heavily discounted rate for its value) or sent to battery storage (if you have it).

Unfortunately, at night-time your solar panels have no sun to process and generate electricity. Unless you have electricity stored in your batteries, you will default to buying it from the grid as a result. In most cases, solar panels generate more electricity than what is used which could be stored in batteries for later use.

By investing in solar batteries and having someone install a battery storage system for you, you’ll be able to save some of the energy you’ve made during the day for use when the sun stops shining. Our team at LetsGoGreen can help find the solar batteries you need, such as the new Tesla Powerwall battery storage system, for your Perth home.

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