About us

Our Team developed letsgogreen as a tool to help homeowners interested in solar and battery storage system become better informed about what was right for them.

After many conversations with work colleagues, friends and family our Team noticed a recurring theme. It seemed there was so much information surrounding solar and home battery systems that it became overwhelming and in a lot of cases “to hard” for these people to know what was right for them.

Passionate about promoting the benefits both environmentally and financially of installing renewable equipment on homes, our Team wanted to help homeowners take the guess work out of investing in solar and home battery storage to understand what was right for them.

As Engineers we know that being provided with the facts is the only way to make the right decision to any problem one is faced with. Letsgogreen has been designed to quickly provide homeowners with the facts so they can easily make an informed decision on what best meets their needs.

At the end of the day our goal is simple. Help everyone utilize the free energy readily available to us all and go green.