5kW Solar Systems

At LetsGoGreen, our intent is to provide customers with all the information they need to easily make an informed decision about whether to install solar/inverter/battery on their home. By using our online questionnaire “get a quote” tool, we solve the problem of sifting through large amounts of information/data available online. We do this by quickly calculating what best meets your needs. By using our “get a quote” tool you’ll be able to quickly determine what the most optimal combination of solar/inverter and/or battery is, what it will cost you and what benefit this will have for your home.

Once you’ve completed the “get a quote” questionnaire LetsGoGreen calculates the optimal combination of solar/inverter and/or battery to best meet your needs and provide you with some of the most competitive 5kW solar system prices in Perth. You will then then be contacted by three companies in your immediate area, who have been emailed a copy of LetsGoGreen’s recommendation for you.

Business Planning & Design

Our team at LetsGoGreen provides customers with the ability to make an informed decision on what solar/inverter/battery solution best meets their needs. We can provide recommendations and estimates for:

  • Estimated cost of equipment
  • Energy the equipment will generate
  • Benefit your home will see by installing this equipment
  • Comparison of your homes energy usage against the energy your system will generate and the savings this will have off your current energy bill
  • CO2 avoided as result of installation
  • Estimated installation time

Get answers and advice

Our goal is to answer all of your questions in a timely manner. For the best 5kW solar system prices in Perth, contact us at LetsGoGreen today for more information.